Application to IllustratedATCs

Hi, everyone, I am Sockenzombie, 24 years old from germany. Take a time and have fun on looking at my art!

Except of one, all pictures on this page are (handdrawn) artcards (2.5" x 3.5"). For most of them I mixed a lot of material, often wax crayons + watercolor and/or markers + colored pencils.

My goal is to paint pictures that tells stories, this is the reason why I paint. So I love to invent my own worlds with a lot of details on my cards. I also draw charakters. I love it to give their faces something that makes them unique, faces to remember, faces with a lot of history. And of course there has to be animals in my worlds, to give them live. About all, my favourite themes to paint are under water worlds.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art, have a nice day!